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Attention Bloggers and Internet Marketers: 
Introducing an affiliate program in the Targeted Niches Product that pay RECURRING COMMISSIONS
For the affiliate partners of this program there is high earning percentage of 35% of the price on every sale is made. So this makes it the one of the highest paying programs in this niche area, that pays to the affiliate partners. This is the real opportunity for everyone that will become affiliate partner to start real home business. The product is target oriented to the specific niche market so conversion rates up to 35% possible (one sale on two visits) for targeted traffic!!

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Affiliate Sign-Up Process:
This is an affiliate program for those of you interested in the promotion of Autopilot Blogger Money System offers and making money as affiliate partners.



  • You will be paid with PayPal. So you’re going to need to get a PayPal account if you don’t have one.
  • You will also have to become a member to Digital Point and from there you will get the affiliate link to use in your advertisement. The affiliate program is free to join and you'll not be charged anything to remain an affiliate. After subscribing to PayPal  and Digital Point, you will have to link your PayPal account with Digital Point, approve Digital Point to post your earnings to your PayPal account and thats it. Steps you have to take to subscribe as affiliate partner are this:

  • Click HERE to open Digital Point webpage of this product.

  • When on the Digital Point product page look on the right side under the Link sections where it says: You can use this link to promote this product on external websites if you wish. 
  • There is the affiliate link to be used when you will advertise this product. Affiliate partners will be automatically payed 35% for sales from referral link shown above when have a valid PayPal account linked to their Digital Point account. You can use any or both of 'html' and 'bbcode' affiliate links to advertise this product. If you need only the clean affiliate link without a 'href' or 'bbcode', so you can add it to your photos or text you will use for your affiliate marketing for this product, then the clean affiliate link is this:
 (Copy paste it on your text editor and save it  so you can use it by your needs.)


Important note: 

By registering for the affiliate program, you agree to display information describing your affiliate relationship, created either by the publisher or Digital Point. Alternatively, you can create your own text provided that it is accurate, appropriate, and not deceiving. Furthermore, you guarantee that.
    (i) the material on your Web site does not contain representations of violence, sexually-explicit content or discriminatory statements or representations with respect to race, sex, religion, nationality, disability, sexual orientation or age, nor is it illegal in any other way;
    (ii) the material used does not infringe the rights of third parties, especially no patent, authorial, brand or other commercial property rights or general personal rights;
    (iii) you do not send any e-mail without the express, previous permission of the recipient of the e-mail (spam e-mails). We can process only fully-completed registrations. 
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